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Criminal Cases



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-Breath Tests
-Blood Tests
-DUI Leaving the Scene
-DUI with Drugs
-License Suspension
-MVD Hearings

Drug Crimes

-Drug possession;
-Possession with intent to sell, manufacture, or distribute
-Possession of drug paraphernalia
-Trafficking and distribution

-Driving under the influence of drugs


Computer / Internet Crimes

-Identity Theft
-Internet Fraud
-Credit card fraud
-Illegal downloading
-Computer Hacking
-Cyber stalking
-Internet Pornography
-Computer Crimes against a Child
-Internet Sex Crimes

Disorderly Conduct

-Fighting or other violent behavior
-Unreasonable noise
 -Provoking a fight or attempting to provoke a fight using abusive language or offensive gestures
-Behavior that attempts to disrupt business
-Refusal to leave the scene of a dangerous area when ordered by a law enforcement officer
-Recklessly handling or displaying a deadly weapon or deadly instrument


Domestic Violence

-Child Abuse
-Domestic Assault
-Emotional Abuse
-Order of Protection Violation
-Spousal Abuse
-Threatening and Intimidation

Federal Crimes

-Immigration Violations
-Tax Crimes
-Federal Property Crimes
-Money Laundering
-Identity Theft
-Anti-Trust Violations
-Hate Crimes
-Terrorist Threats/Acts

Federal Crimes
-Antitrust Violations
-Bank Fraud
-Bank Robbery
-Bankruptcy Fraud
-Federal Drug Crimes
-Federal Property Crimes
-Identity Theft
-Immigration Violations
-Mail Fraud
-Money Laundering
-Wire Fraud

Felony Crimes

-Aggravated DUI
-Extreme DUI
-Weapons Crimes
-Hate Crimes

-Armed Robbery
-Grand Theft
-Assault & Battery
-Child Pornography

Hate Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

-Drug Crimes
-Violent Crimes
-Sex Crimes
-Theft Crimes
-Murder / Manslaughter
-Weapons Crimes
-Resisting Arrest
-Gang Crimes
-Hate Crimes


Probation Violations

-Committing other criminal offenses while on probation
-Associating with other criminals
-Spending time in locations prohibited by the judge
-Failing to check in with the judge or probation officer
-Failing to appear in court at a schedule date and time
-Failing to submit to regular drug testing required by the judge
-Failing to pay court fees or fines
-Failing to comply with a court order

Property Crimes

Arson - This is the criminal offense of knowingly and maliciously setting fire to a building, structure, or personal property that causes damage to the property.
Burglary - While this is thought of as a theft crime in many cases, it is important to recognize that damage to property often occurs in these offenses, and can therefore have property crime elements.
Criminal damage to property - When damage is done to the property of another through various means such as arson, burglary, or reckless actions, the results could be a criminal charge, and significant penalties.


Sex Crimes

-Child Molestation
-Child Pornography
-Sex Crimes Against Children
-Statutory Rape
-Date Rape
-Indecent Exposure
-Lewd Conduct
-Sexual Assault
-Sexual Battery
-Sexual Abuse


Theft Crimes

-Motor vehicle theft
-Robbery / armed robbery
-Credit card theft
-Fraud / forgery
-Carjacking; and


Traffic Offenses

-Extreme DUI
-Reckless Driving
-Aggressive Driving
-Hit and Run
-Failure to stop or yield causing death
-Failure to stop or yield causing serious injuries
-Driving or parking in a gore area
-Other moving violations

Violent Crimes

-Murder & Manslaughter
-Domestic Violence
-Assault & Battery
-Armed Robbery
-Terrorist Threats / Acts
-Sexual Assault & Battery
-Assault with a Weapon
-Weapons Crimes
-Gang Crimes
-Hate Crimes


Weapon Crimes

-Unlawful possession of a weapon
-Unlawful sale of a weapon
-Unlawful distribution of a weapon
-Minor in possession of a weapon
-Weapons trafficking
-Assault with a weapon
-Using a weapon to commit a crime
-Concealing a weapon


White Collar Crimes

-Tax Crimes (tax fraud, tax evasion, etc.)
-Money Laundering

-Fraud Crimes
-Pyramid Schemes
-Identity Theft
-Insider Trading
-Computer/Internet Crimes


Criminal Cases




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